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“I’ve been working with Jack for just over 2 years now and he’s helped me lose 8.5 stone!! His energy is super high, his laugh is even louder and his vocal ability shall we say doesn’t stop!! He’s focused, driven and knows exactly how to get my Personal goals. Being the size I was meant the gym was terrifying but Jack made it easy and relaxing and before you know it the results started to fly in and in return the stones and kilos dropped off! Never a dull moment in his sessions!! Would highly recommend any overweight self conscious lady to Jack!! We are onto the next phase now!”


I've been training with James now for a little over a year, both in PT sessions and in his epic ZUU classes. I arrived overweight, lacking fitness and with two surgically repaired knees that stopped so many attempts to get moving and active again. He's been constantly positive and patient with me, helping me progress from basic movements to help my mobility to more intense stuff that has me fitter than I've been in years! Every session is a new one - he's always prepared with a plan to push something forward, and he's always adapted those plans if I've got any strains or niggles - which he always manages to help out, by finding the root cause and strengthening whatever needs work. 

Most importantly, it's enormous fun! For someone like me who has never had the trim body or the toning everyone wants, it's really easy to be self conscious about what you can do but James takes you from wherever you are, and pushes you towards your goals, having a laugh along the way. I've lost weight, got stronger, and am working towards running a marathon that I never thought my knees would ever let me do. It's crazy looking back to what I struggled with initially and seeing how much has changed!

It's definitely worth giving PT with James a go, whether you've done something like that before, or whether the idea or PT scares the life out of you (it did me!) - I haven't looked back and if I can do it, anyone can! 


"From having several injuries to progressive strengthening of my core using static weights and body weight exercises James trained me to peak fitness! He taught me to change my eating lifestyle to compliment my training enabling me to train anywhere/any place with safe strength and conditioning exercises. His knowledge and skill is second to none. Master trainer, ZUU instructor, top guy!!"


“If you'd have asked me 2 months ago if I thought I'd stick to an 8 week programme, train 3 times a week, stick to a diet and change my lifestyle I'd have laughed in your face with a beer in my hand. I was unhappy and drinking heavily, I was unproductive and had barely any self confidence. James and Jack who I was training with before hand mentioned the ANKORR course and offered me a chance to participate. I genuinely didn't feel like I was fit enough but they are extremely supportive and their 'people first, fitness second' ethos couldn't be any more accurate, I felt part of a team straight away. They create a wonderful atmosphere which over time that has not only made me more of a positive person but raised my confidence and for my fitness...I hope the pictures speak for themselves but I've come on such a distance and even started to get involved in more external activities like boxing. Long story short I owe these guys a lot more than the money I paid to be on the course and I couldn't be happier looking back over the last two months.”

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